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      The steering on my Bav 38 has stiffened up since last using it a few months ago. I have tried lubricating the bits I can reach it but with no improvement. The boat is nearly five years old but has been fine until recently. Any clues would be welcomed.
      Graham Taylor, Sea Fever


        Hi Graham youve probably sorted it by now but if not check the pulleys are both rotating, one of mine had seized, it freed up with a bit of lubrication. Also oil the bicycle chain behind the wheel . These items need lubrication each season.
        Bill Francis “Stardust”


          Check the tension on the rudder post nut. They can become loose/tighten up with use as the locking screw is not as effective as it could be. Mine was a stainless phillips head screw that I replaced with an allen head screw. Much better and wont strip when you tighten it.


            It seems to be a regular thing on Bavarias that the lower bearing of the rudder post stiffens (corrosion?). Anyway we have fixed our 2002 Bav 36 by getting into the rear compartment removing the rubber tube off the top of the lower bearing and pouring in some olive oil. Any oil may possibly work but that was all we had a hand. Then replace the rubber tube.

            After a little use it loosens up.


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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