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      We have just discovered a serious structural fault on April Folly. Checking the bilges we were surprised to find six inches of sea water where before there had been none. We enlisted the help of Hamble Yacht Services who could not find evidence of any entry point. What we did know was that water only seemed to appear when underway. The likely conclusion was the saildrive gaiter but nothing could be seen so water must have been entering from below.

      The boat was lifted, the saildrive taken off and we found a part of the mould on the rim of the saildrive mount was missing. The void had been filled with silicone or similar but this had degraded over time allowing seawater to enter to enter the hull matrix (the hollow stringers and cross-braces). I find this quite disgraceful when the fault could have been repaired properly, as HYS are going to do. Unfortunately, we bought the boat new from Peters Opal and they have long since gone out of business so we don’t appear to have any claim.

      I felt that other Bavaria owners should know about this as it is certainly not something you would wish or expect to find.


        I have found a similar problem on our 2001 Bav 34.
        After motoring back from Yarmouth I found a few inches of water in the bilges under the sink and under the table but could find no obvious leak.
        I will have check further after your post


          I’ve been trying to post photos but it hasn’t worked. I have also been in correspondence with Richard Hewett at Clipper hoping he might be able to influence Bavaria but apparently Bavaria simply don’t want to know because the boat is 9 years old, whatever that’s got to do with it. I think their attitude is appalling and have said so. This has certainly completely destroyed my confidence in the brand after 15 years of ownership.

          How did you get on with your 34?


            Photos for David –

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