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      The BOA currently has a ‘healthy’ bank balance. This is due to the ever increasing membership and advertising in the BOA ‘magazine’. It is not, however, the aim of the BOA to accumulate funds. At the AGM on 21 October 2006, members were asked to consider how funds should be spent to the benefit of members. Please post your thoughts here!


        I would support gifting some monies to a sailing charity – either youth or disabled sailing.


          Bonza idea, give some cash to the under privaliged or disabled kids who might like to sail, or least have a go!


            I think giving some money is an excellent idea, I know of one locally! Cornwall Playing For Success is the charity Pete Goss set up for his Round Britain and Ireland Race this year. He keeps his boat in the same marina as us, maybe the money could help youngsters get a sail on it?


              The RYA Sailability scheme might be a good option. It could enable the funds to benefit disabled sailors around the UK. Link is http://www.rya.org.uk/AboutRYA/RYASailability/


                😉 Why not give members on renewal/joining a club burgee and some boat/car stickers.
                This would give the assoc a bit of publicity and might even motivate a member to attend a rally/race as they can fly the flag as it were !

                The stickers would be of help in spotting fellow members in marinas, there are an awful lot of bavarias around and no one knows if they are members or not.


                  i am in full agreement with a donation to a charity to promote sailing to disabled people or those who could not otherwise afford to get onto the water.
                  I would however ask members to think about the long term strategy of the association.
                  It would be helpful if the association had sufficient funds to support its members in the event of a joint dispute with a manufacturer or government body. Who knows what the future holds. We may wish to help the RYA fund a dispute in support of our interests.
                  I would like to see a happy balance between the money held by the association to secure our future and the amount of association funds used to support charity.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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