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      Good morning,

      We are taking delivery of our new Bavaria 30 over the weekend of the ‘Arabian Nights’ event. We will be leaving (subject to weather) Sparkes and returning to Universal Marina on the River Hamble sometime on Sunday the 1st of July.

      We have some sailing experience, (competent crew, day skipper), but with a new boat we are very apprehensive (and excited). We wondered if anyone would be leaving Northney on the Sunday and heading West, and if so, would they mind if we sailed in company?

      thanks for reading,

      Paul, Kerry and Charlotte


        Congratulations on getting your new yacht – what an exciting time.

        I don’t know if I’ll be able to sail in company, or indeed what is happening that weekend – but you will pass Portsmouth where we are, so I will keep a look out if I can. Try me on the VHF (235031867) if you want.

        I see HW is in the middle of the day, so with luck you will have the tide most of the way to Hamble.

        Feel free to ask anything that you want to clarify before your passage.

        Good Luck!


          We took delivery of our B30 from Sparkes earlier on this year, so 2 points : Sparkes is different from Northney marina ( sorry may have misunderstood the Northney reference), secondly watch out when leaving Sparkes – it’s a very narrow channel that is very poorly marked with some gash home made buoys. take a good look at the channel when they take you out for the handover sail.



            thanks for the heads up on leaving Sparkes, we were there last weekend visiting Hunros (fussing like expectant parents), and decided that the channel would be easy to get wrong in the excitement of leaving with a new boat.

            thanks for the reply, and for your kind offer of keeping a eye out for us. Having never been to the East of Cowes it will be both an adventure as well as a challenge for us. With this in mind, any advice on things to watch out for will be gratetfully received.

            Paul, Kerry and Charlotte.



              There will be several boats at the Northney Rally that berth in the Hamble. I know of at least two scheduled to attend (Eternite – Past Commodore and Oceansong – Newsletter Editor). I will alert them to your request for support.

              If you are going to the ‘do’ (Arabian Nights) in Northney, you can meet them there and make the necessary arrangements in person – it is usually a great event and new members are always made very welcome.

              I berth in Portsmouth and will be pleased to offer whatever assistance or moral support I can for the first part of your ‘maiden voyage’. I guess we will leave Northney about a couple of hours before high water. If you wish I can give you a shout on the radio when we are close to Sparkes.

              Exciting, isn’t it!


                thanks for the reply, not sure about attending the “bash” as we are staying aboard at Sparkes (first night aboard) and fitting liferaft, horseshoes, storing things, moving them again, having heated discussions, etc, etc. However it would be good to meet all you guys so we will try to find time to pop over.

                Hopefully the communications officer (Kerry) will have the VHF all under control by the Sunday, we too intend to depart around 2 hours before HW (subject to weather), so if you should have the time to make contact while passing Sparkes on the Sunday we would be grateful for the company.

                Thanks once again for the reply,

                Paul, Kerry and Charlotte.


                  Good luck with the new boat. Following on from the post about leaving Sparkes a couple of other pointers that might be useful are:-
                  Keep Chichester Bar beacon approx 25 meters off your starboard side as you leave Chi Harbour for the deepest water (Don’t be surprised when the depth suddenly changes from 12m to 3.5m as you approach the beacon) and dont be tempted to cut the corner to turn east before you get to West Pole beacon. If it’s a southerly over a 4 it pays to go further south by a few hundred meters to get out of the swell that builds just west of the pole.
                  Don’t be tempted to go through the submarine barrier north of Horse Sand Fort if it’s your first time through this area.
                  You will get a smoother sail going between the forts and the barrier is smaller than it looks when there’s half a dozen boats heading for it in both directions.
                  Finally keep a look out for the ferries and hovercraft operating from Portsmouth. They are very good at missing us but it can be a bit disconcerting the firts time you get blast from the hovercraft fans.
                  Have a good trip. 😀


                    Thanks to everyone who has offered help, advice and sent good luck messages, we are keeping an eye on the weather at the moment with a view that we will abort the sail around to the Hamble if conditions are beyond our confidence and abilities.

                    Have a fantastic weekend,

                    Paul, Kerry and Charlotte



                      It is not certain we will take the boat to Northney now – the forecast is not too good, as you have noted. Also, one of the Hamble boats (Oceansong) is not going to the rally and the other, Eternite, will probably go by car.

                      If we do go by boat, we will give you a call as we approach HISC on Sunday – but please don’t be too surprised if we don’t.

                      Sailing is supposed to be fun – not much point going if it is blowing old boots and raining (or that’s what Sue says!).

                      Good luck – whatever the weather.



                        good afternoon,

                        It will come of no surprise that we have aborted the collection of Hunros this weekend.

                        thanks for all your help and advice.

                        Paul, Kerry and Charlotte


                          So did you make the delivery trip yet? Looking forward to an update!


                            Unfortunately Hunros is still at Hayling Island. We have spent some time aboard over the last two weekends, but there still remain a number of issues which Peters Opal are currently working towards addressing. They hope to finish the work this week, at which point they are going to deliver Hunros to the Hamble, hopefully in time for us to spend the weekend getting to know her better.

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