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      Hello All

      I have a couple of questions
      1) I have a 2001 Bavaria 34. One of the circuit breakers on the switch panel is broken and I need a new one. However I can’t seem to source one and Clipper Marine were not much help. Can anyone help or perhaps has a spare. HELP!

      2) What are the members views on a Bavaria as a Bluewater ocean goer for a circumnavigation. In particular if anyone has used one in foul off ocean weather.


      Can’t help you with the circuit breaker. I would have thought that Clipper would be your best bet.

      As far as Bavarias doing ocean sailing, they are plenty tough enough. Mine has done the Atlantic circuit, and there are plenty that have circumnavigated.

      This video shows a little 31 doing a single-handed Transat. His youtube channel is worth a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F38EDfEGrS8


        Can’t help with switch panel although I did bypass plug connector.
        Have sailed our 2001 34 in 40 kts no prob.
        Tough boat .
        Hank onto binnacle in heavy weather as seat can catch you behind the knees with danger of flipping backwards.
        Feel very safe in ours


          Hi Bob.
          I think the panel is ESW202 with a rocker switch type circuit breaker? See the attached.

          You can try these links.

          They supply electrical components to Bavaria.

          As for the boats capability, I can assure you that you will give up long before the boat does! They are a tough boat. You will need to reef reasonably early unless the wind is behind you. In a real blow just sail on the reefed head sail, perhaps with the engine just ticking over to help you to steer when surfing big waves.

          Best regards. Ant

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