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      Hi all I am about to take ownership of Bavaria 32 cruiser 2004. The teak deck according to bavaria owners book should be washed and cleaned only.I guess with simple soap and the book suggests non use of chemical cleaners or oils but to leave surface natural i.e. the effect is the grey weathered look I suppose which is how it is on inspection. Has any one treated their teak deck I am concerned that chemical cleaners, oils or sealers might damage the rubber inserts? The present owner has used some sort of cleaner but yet to ask what it was and he has not oiled or sealed it, leaving it natural kind of grey look.


        I have a B32, 2002 vintage with teak decks. Use nothing other than an occasional wash with mild soapy water and gentle scrubbing action. Otherwise rinse down the decks with fresh water. To stop mildew and green algae taking hold in the winter rinse with a proprietary mildew cleaner as supplied for garden furniture. This approach keeps the deck clean but leaving the traditional silver patina. If you want to keep the ‘as new’ golden colour you’ll have to use teak cleaners and other stuff, which you might live to regret!!! Have fun, teak decks look great but are b

        hard to look after!


        Ian Culley/ ‘Another Fantasy’.


          Thanks probably do your way its less expensive and easier than chemicals. 😆


            Other than keeping them clean, you might want to use Boracol or Patio Magic which are fungicide/algicide solutions twice a year to stop black mould spot and algae building up especially over the winter. That seems the common practice according to the YBW forums and it’s what we are now doing.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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