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      Has anyone had a problem with the four bots which hold the toilet down to the toilet platform?
      Just discovered that the two outboard bolts on my 2009 Bav 31 were completely loose and when I pulled them out found they were corroded through about 1 inch from the bolt head.

      Anyone know how the bolts are secured, are they tapped into a metal plate within the platform or are they through bolted or are they simply tapped into the fibreglass? Very difficult to gain access to the nuts if they are through bolted.


      I suspect that they were bolted into an aluminium plate (stainless bolt into ali…now let me see…).

      Your best bet is to drill the holes through and put a nut and penny washer underneath (assuming you can get access.


        I have a Bav 34/2 2000, recently purchased and now I have created a long list of ‘maintance’ jobs to do.
        One thing that didn’t look right was a stained line around the base moulding of the jabsco toilet base and the GRP floor section. The whole toilet was flexing on what I thought was just loose bolts after taking ownership a quick tighten up of the bolts found them all stripped. which was no real problems as we were fitting a new head.

        Installing a new heads
        On removal of the old toilet, it was clear that someone had had the same problem and had repositioned the toilet previously at least twice, the original holes had been filled. The bolts were corroded 1″ down the thread.
        It seems that the raised floor section has a plank of wood glassed in for the toilet coach bolts to secure to.

        Be very careful when drilling new holes in the section as all the aft cabling and engine cabling runs in this very tight space underneath this floor section.

        I wasn’t able to get any good fixings into this plant of wood – is has turned into mush.. which is the source of the stain – full of water.

        When she next has her next lay up, I plan to cut out this section of floor and replace the wood plank and reglass in.

        As a temp fix – drilled holes through the plank and allowed the water to drain over couple of days, after which injected epoxy resin to form solid plugs for each of the new bolts.

        Its now a good fix – but will need to be revisited in the future with a long term fix.


          The following link copied from a recent Storar Marine top tips Tuesday email explains exactly what has happened. http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=f78dd99dff97bbfde8c389a23&id=35564a8c38&e=293f973958

          I plans to make a thick piece of timber in the shape of the toilet base, countersink some bolts into the underside and then epoxy the timber to the existing toilet floor.

          I agree that attempting to do anything beneath the toilet shelf is not to be recommended due to all the cabling there.

          I am surprised that this problem is not more common. I suspect that it might have occurred when I had holding tank overflow which went undetected over a few weeks. Not a pleasant thing to clear up!

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