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      We were fighting a losing battle trying to keep our teak deck clean of green mould and algae without using expensive (and difficult to apply) treatments.

      We found an article in an old RYA journal recommending PATIO MAGIC by Brinton Products. We tried it (testing on a small area first) and it works brilliantly.

      Annual cost of applying this product to our Bav 44 will be in the region of £15. And there is nothing nicer than a clean teak deck.


        I’d be careful about applying treatments to your teak deck. They undoubtedly make the teak look nicer, but my teak deck is suffering badly from treatments applied by the previoous owner. The cockpit locker was full of them! I spent many hours on my knees over the winter sorting out areas on mine where either the teak was lifting or the caulking needed replaced.

        Many of the treatments claim they don’t adversely affect the teak, and that is true. However, what they do is affect the black caulking, making it hard and brittle, and shrink.



          One month since treatment, decks are gleaming and no evidence of any damage whatsoever to caulking. Advice above to BE CAREFUL is obviously very good advice indeed but this one has worked perfectly for us.


            Best teak cleaner and treatment I have found, well known in the marine industry is form these guys http://www.wessexchemicals.co.uk Used it a few times and it is brilliant.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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