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    Dear BOA Members,

    This evenning (Jan,19) we will have our TR Bav Owners Meeting in Izmir / Turkey. Our group has about 90 members but we dont have an association yet. We only have a yahoo e-group comminication possibilty and also meetings about once every 2 months.

    So, this evening I am planning to show and demo to our frends some web pages of our BOA Website, members clubhouse and this forum on a big screen at the restaurant.

    I believe, our hints & tips pages and events calender (despite of it is not ready yet for 2007 calender) will effect our TR members a lot.

    Our Kindest Regards and best wishes for 2007 season,:lol:

    Turgut Ayker
    SY New Life
    Bavaria 42 Crs
    Izmir- Turkey


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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