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      So after a GREAT days sail…. does not matter where, when, how, or with who –
      It is tradition to have a “survival beer” – (providing that is no one died! – if not several!!)


      Mrs B wants to watch “the soaps” – or whatever.

      What is the best way to get a decent TV reception onboard without using power?
      I am not talking about receiver unit as it will be through my laptop etc. I am purely looking for antennae advice.


        I assume it’s digital you want. I haven’t found any of the non-powered internal antennas any good unless very close to the transmitter, but this external one works well http://www.oneforall.com/product/index/id/45/title/sv-9350/cat_id/2/type/aerials/sub_id/5/sub_title/and is simple to fit (on wind generator pole in my case). It does need 5V though for the built-in amplifier, but this is supplied at the receiver end of the coax via a supplied fitting. Just trying to figure-out how to get 12V down to 5V in the simplest manner without having to use the mains adaptor supplied with it. I use mine with a USB DAB dongle.


          If you have Sky at home you can link to two other outlets through laptops.
          Alternatively a friend has just linked an old analogue tv to a freeview box with a car type aerial.works well.
          otherwise persuade her to buy the drinks…………..


            I ended up going “whole hog” and had a digital ariel fitted on top of the mast.
            Not the cheapest option, and many purists would not want to have extra weight up high, but for the cruising that we do and for crew comfort which equals more trips to the boat – an all round winner!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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