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      This is the second posting I have made regarding Yacht Sales West.

      My p.o was for a 2007 46. I received a boat built in dec 2006.
      The workmanshiip done for commissioning was not up to par and very expensive. As an example he charged $100 U.S funds to run a flag halyard.

      The most serious offense is that he wouldn’t stand by the Bavaria warranty. The rubber molding piece around the stern came off. I had a local yard replace it for $400.00. Since I didn’t take the boat back to him he refused and so did the factory. Welll I was not about to make a 150 mile trip to get this fixed. What if I had taken the boat to California where I live?
      Yacht Sales West do not stand by their products.

      I would like to know if anyone else has dealt with them.

      Steven Medof

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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