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      Has anyone got experience of successfully washing and refitting the seat covers in the saloon?
      We have a 11 year old B34 with royal blue almost corduroy material covers. The backs of the cushions look as though they are covered in some consolidated fibre material which might dissolve if washed.

      Anyone out there with experience ? Please help.

      Paul Anthony B34 Escapade


        Hi Paul, we have cleaned all of ours on CaSam.
        We machine washed them on a non-fast colour wash at low temp (40 degrees) and they came out fine.

        Main things that I would recommend though are;
        – Wash them all together….. then if they do happen to fade etc they will still be uniformed
        – Be careful if yours have a “piping”, check that the ends are well sealed to avoid them coming out (they are a B to get back in!)



          Many thanks Steve

          I can imagine that the button through parts of the front of top of the saloon cushions where the ‘rod’ is pulled down into the cushion will be a pain but got to give it a go.



            Hi Paul, CaSam does not have any “buttons through” – guess they may be a problem!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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