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      has anyone managed to find a manual for the 2030 D? And does it include the fuel bleeding procedure.

      failing that can anyone help with advice on how to carry out this procedure correctly?

      Thanks in advance


        Suggest you go to the Volvo Penta web site and follow the links to manuals – all the info you want is availaible on line & yes it does tell you how to bleed the fuel system.



            With respect, I think Allana II is referring to the fact that the manuals downloaded from the websites mentioned has the pages for bleeding the fuel system missing. Certainly the ones I downloaded do not have these pages.


              Must be the only page missing, had not looked that close. Sorry only trying to help.


                Not sure if the link below will work but if it does page 34 I think is for bleeding the fuel system, taken straight off the Volvo Penta Website



                  One thing I forgot to mention was that I have never been able to bleed my 2030D the way it says in the manual, and apparently neither can my local Seastart engineer.
                  On his advice I open the vent screw and turn the engine over using the start button. As soon as she fires up turn the engine off as quick as possible and then bleed any remaining air out of the system manually before closing the vent screw.
                  Works every time for me.


                    Hi to All
                    Thanks for your responses – in particular John of Lazy Pelican.
                    The Volvo Penta Global Splash website is the place to start and from there you can download the user manual that does contain the bleeding instructions.
                    Yesterday I was able to follow these instructions and successfully bleed the system (and the engine started first pull!!).
                    Picking up on Sundance’s point – it did take an awful long time to pump through the air using the lever on the lift pump and I did experiment with the crank in different positions as suggested in the manual.
                    It worked in the end and I have the blister to prove it.
                    Once again thanks to all.

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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