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      I seem to remember glancing at an email talking about a possible visit to the Bavaria factory in Germany.

      Can someone send me details please?

      Paul Anthony/Ben Baker ESCAPADE B34 926



        Proposed factory visit to the Bavaria Yacht Factory and a visit to the Nurnemburg Christmas Market

        It is proposed that a rally be organised to visit the Bavaria factory in Germany to see the boats being made and find out what the company plans for the future. The trip would be combined with a visit to the Christmas markets and of course a convivial evening meal.

        The plan would be fly out from Gatwick (Air Berlin)Monday 28th November 2011 at 0800 and arrive Nurenburg at 1050 hours. Transport will be arranged to visit and tour of the Bavaria factory at Giebelstadt during Monday afternoon. Monday evening would be spent at the hotel Meintzingrt in Fricklenhausen am Main http://www.hotel-meintzinger.de/ with an evening meal. The following day would be spent at the famous Nurenburg Christmas market flying back to the UK at 18:45 arriving at Gatwick 19:25.

        The costs are only very provisional at this stage but will be in the region of £150 to £200 per person including flights, accommodation and transport to the factory. The visit to the factory will have to take place on a week day. At this stage it would be useful to know if this is something members would like to attend bearing in mind the timings and the very approximate costs?

        If those who are interested could email Tim Price (RC-Motor@bavariaowners.co.uk) and if there is sufficient interest he will progress the arrangements further with a firm costing. If expression of interest could be made by the 30th June 2011 and, if there is enough interest, Tim will issue a calling notice. Flight bookings will need to be made direct by members with Air Berlin but full details will be provided in the calling notice.


          This looks very interesting, and Tim says it is still going ahead, but places are limited.


            The factory visit is now fully subscribed with 30 members attending. Hopefully it will be a great trip and I will post details and photos on the website on our return. If there are still other members keen to make the trip I am happy to organise it again next year so please drop me a line if you anyone would like to go on the next one!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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