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      I have seen various hints & tips on replacement parts for Volvo engines – can anyone confirm alternative replacement fuel/oil and air filters for the 2030 engine?



        I use Fram filters. I’ll check when I’m onboard on Sunday. Mine is a 2020 but I’m sure the filters will be the same.


          When we got our B32 there was a supply of Volvo filters, however I’m working through them .
          For the VP 2020 ( pretty sure the 2030 will be the same), the primary fuel filter / water seprator should be Fram C1191 PL ( This is the ubiqutous CAV fuel filer fitted on just about every truck and big marine engine like Perkins)
          For the oil filter try PH 2870 .
          The secondary fuel filter looks like P4186 or FF 167a.

          If you go to a motor factor that supplies trucks and commercial stuff they will be able to supply or give you an alternative.
          Obviously it’s a good idea if you can take in the old ones as samples first time.

          Be preparred for a shock at how little you have to pay compared to the VP prices.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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