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      Hi All, can anybody tell me what temp my fridge on a Bav30 cruiser should get down to? Last year it used to freeze cans if left on too low/high a setting, is this normal? I have had some work carried out and a few bits replaced, but find it now keeps the drinks cold, provided the fridge is left running for 3-4 hrs plus.

      Which means after a days sailing with the fridge turned off (to save battery) everything has now warmed up.

      How cold does your fridge get left on overnight, prior to going out sailing, and does it manage to keep food/drinks cool all day?

      Do i need to get the engineer back? im starting to think so.

      Nornie Lees


        Our experience with the fridge is that it’s a bit finicky. When plugged into shore power (ie: no worries about the battery drainage) and left on, it does indeed get things cool overnight and we’ve found that a setting of about “4” (50% turn of the knob) is right. How much it sustains this temperature, particuarly when sailing and when I’m often cutting the power to the circuit in the interests of battery conservation, is a function of how full the fridge is (more full is better) and what else is in it. We often put an ice block in at the bottom of the fridge when out for a long time (if we have the space) as this really helps and reduces the power needs. And yes, when cranked right up it can actually freeze things on the bottom…

        Hope this helps.

        s/v Battuta (B31 Cruiser)
        Vancouver, Canada


          thanks Riyad, i have an engineer coming shortly to sort out temps,

          rgds Ray


            I have measured the current consumption of the fridge and it seems to be around 4 amps so if you left it on for a day’s sailing that should be no where near discharging the battery. – and the beer will still be cold when you get to your destination!


              thanks for that info Paul, so i can run the fridge all day?

              rgds Ray

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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