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      Hi one and all

      Considering fitting diesel heating to Island Girl our single aft cabin 2000 37 .

      Does anyone have any advice particularly routing the ducting and lastly on Mikuni heaters.

      The right advice will get points and you know what points mean!!!

      Compliments of the season

      Sue and Graham Atkins


        had mikuni heating put in 2 years ago have single aft cabin 37 , heater was placed under shelf in main locker and routed under toilet shelf into main cabin had one vent in heads one in main cabin through to forward cabin one routed around the back to the foot well in back cabin have had no problem with mikuni where some have had costly repaires with erberspacher.the one in the heads can dry wet gear very fast and also makes it cosy “warmest room in the house”.what ever your choice couldnt do without heating even in late summer evenings on low takes the chill off



          I took the easy option and had Krueger fit a 4 outlet Eberspacher to our B34. It was a very good investment and my wife and I would never consider NOT having heating again ! The whole installation was done in a day, all told – well worth the £2150 we paid for the job about 18 months ago.


            Thanks you two ,will study route Achilles has used when ( if ever) we can get down to the boat in Portland Marina!!
            John what Mikuni did you buy? Pleased to hear you good report especially since they are a lot cheaper than Eberspacher or Webasto .

            Sue and Graham

            Island Girl


              this is the link for the heater 5 outlet kit.if you are going to the excel boat show the fitter that put mine in is on a stand there you could have a word with him
              william hayward 07803821659 if you give him a ring he will tell you which stand he is on
              he is on the east coast very good.
              john d


                We had the original Webasto heating fitted to our single aft cabion B37 from new. It was installed in the lazarette near the centre and to stbd of the rudder post. This allowed the exhaust to exit through the transom and it did not take any space out of other lockers.

                Access is OK through the hatches at rear of cabin or cockpit locker. Has worked very satifactoriy for last 4 years.



                  Hi, have got Mikuni warm air heating in Storm Dragon, which i fitted myself,and have never had a problem with it. Also fitted Mikuni in my previous boat, a Westerly Fulmar which was harder to fit, but never had any problems, which is why i fitted it in Storm Dragon, and as you correctly state is a lot cheaper than the others

                  Ed Holmes

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