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      Hi, has anyone had to replace the Mobella companionway lock or know if it is possible to strip it down, the key has broken in our lock and left part of the key being the lock pins and I cannot get it out. Fortunately it is in the open position so I can get in the boat but the downside is that it is unlocked.


        I have a security system that I bought for my old Moody.
        It comprises a bar and fittings that secure hatch and washboard(s) together.
        If interested I will dig it out of the garage and photo diagrams and instructions.
        It has never been used


          Hi, thats very kind of you however I have bitten the bullet and ordered a new lock. I received an email back from Mobella who have told me that this type of lock is plastic welded together and cannot be split which would seem to be the only way to get the snapped section of the key back out. So new lock is the only way forward.
          Thanks again



            Have you tried tweezers and a powerful magnet to get the key out?


              The boat is in Scotland and I’m in Lancashire so I have bought a new lock which was a lot cheaper than expected at £34.00 inc postage. It is meant to be an easy replacement so if I don’t damage the lock getting it out I will try the tweezers and magnet and if that works I will have a spare for when my heavy hands do it again, but thanks for the idea.


                Hi Clive,

                I’d love to see those photos of your security bar system and get some info on where you got it. I’ve been thinking of fabricating something along those lines, as we’ve had a lot of boat break ins at my marina.

                Thx in advance.

                s/v “Battuta” (2009 B31)
                Vancouver, Canada

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