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      Hello everyone, I own a 2 cabin 2000 Bavaria 36. I noticed a water leakage from the calorifier pipe and fixed it. But the thing I don’t understand is, while it was leaking the engine compartment filled with water and also some water in the bilge where there are bilge pumps. When I removed the floor panels I tried to see a connection from the engine room to the bilge rooms but there is not any conenction. And I tasted the water in the bilge room that it was a little salty and then I was so concerned if it was a sea water. BUt here in the MEditerranean the sea is much more saltier then the water in the bilge. Until that leakage problem all my bilge rooms were bone dry. I don’t understand if it a concidence of the kell bolts also started to leak at the same time? So anyone would please help to explain, if it is not sea water then how come the water from the engine room moved to the bilge room? Please help. Thank you all

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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