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      I have a 1996 Bavaria Holiday 35, with a very basic water pressure system compared with newer Bavaria’s. I do not have a expansion tank etc, just the cold feeds from both tanks fed into the inlet of the pump, which then sends water to the galley, heads and cold water cockpit shower. Everything works OK, but every 15 mins or so the water pump runs for a few seconds obviously to re-pressure the system, yet I cannot find any leaks. And at night to eliminate the problem I turn the pump off, then turn it on when I get up but this time it might run for 20 seconds. Does anybody have any idea how to cure the problem.
      Ed Holmes Storm Dragon


        Hi Ed

        I had exactly this problem when the pump needed a new diaphragm. However, there was a very small ‘weep’ from the pump so it was not too difficult to pin down, once I started seriously looking.

        Is there a non return valve in your pump that is allowing pressurised water to escape back into the tank?

        Do you have a calorifier that might have a small internal leak?

        The amount of water should be visible if it is leaking somewhere external so it must be something ‘internal’.

        Good hunting!



          Hi Ed,

          There is an earlier thread HERE which may help you find a solution.



            Hi Guys problem cured, turned out to be a faulty temperature/pressure relief valve on the calorifier. Also changed the surge damper and have noticed water pressure pump does not start as soon as taps are turned on, so must act like a mini accumulator tank, but the systm not designed for an accumulator tank. 😀

            ED Holmes Storm Dragon


              Ed, Can you please elaborate on the “Surge Damper” is it the container next to the pump? Can this be adjusted?



                Hi Mike, on my boat I think maybe the surge damper is in the wrong place as is located on the feed pipe from the water pressure pump, but past the outlets for the calorifier, deck shower and feed to heads basin. But owing to the height of it and in needs to be fitted vertically it will not fit nearer the pump owing to the position of the basin. The surge damper unit is completely sealed and therefore can only be replaced with a new one, and they cost about £20. They are made to fit 2 sizes of pipe, and unfortunately the only one i could find was made to fit a different size of pipe, to the one i was replacing, but i managed to adapt it, and as i have said the pump now starts a few seconds after turning on the taps.

                Ed Holmes

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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