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      Does anyone know what type of whale v pump is fitted to a 2000 36 holiday, as mine is leaking around the top and don’t know which kit to buy. Also has any one had trouble with their water system, mine works but you can hear the pump running all the time, all be it very quiet and it gets hot so we have to turn it off.
      The reason i am asking is i have just bought the boat and it is 560 miles away, we went down to sail it back on the 14th nov but as you know the weather was not suitable 😆 any help with this problem is appreciated.
      Mick (Newby)


        The water pump on my 2002 Bavaria 36 gave up a few weeks ago, and was replaced with a SHURFLO AquaKing 3.0 at a cost from the local chandlery of about £135.
        Once removed it was found that the old pump was also a SHURFLO one with a slightly smaller capacity of 2.8 gallons per minute instead of 3. Its replacement was a more or less straightforward fit, but clearly it was not a Whale pump, so maybe there has been a change in suppliers since 2000.
        The old pump was taken back home where it was stripped it down, very easy job. Once apart the motor was tested and found to be still working fine, though the pump remained seized. The reason for pump failure was found to be the roller bearing located between the motor and the pump where it was secured to the pump, and where the bearing was found to be seized. A fair amount of rust came out of the bearing once it was freed off, but despite giving it plenty of oil it would not rotate smoothly. It was replaced with a food grade stainless steel roller bearing costing just under £9 delivered, and sourced via the internet. The whole lot was then re-assembled, again a very easy and straightforward job.
        Result is that I now have one brand new pump fitted onboard, and one refurbished fully working spare costing £9 plus a little bit of my time. Pity I could not fix it before lashing out on a new pump !!



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          Cheers Jim


            Or you could save a few quid and use a caravan pump here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SHURFLO-Water-Pump-Trailking-30psi-10-6l-min-12v-/170633011275?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_BoatEquipment_Accessories_SM&hash=item27ba85204b#ht_2976wt_957.

            It is a Shurflo, direct replacement for the Aquaking. The only difference I can detect from the equivalent “marine” version is the motor case. It is approx one third of the price, so even if it does rust you can afford 2 more and still break even! I rubbed oil into the motor case on the new one I just fitted. Time will tell. . . . . . !

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