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      Hi, does anyone recognise where this picture is of?

      [attachment=0:ipgqeoxk]photo (3).jpg[/attachment:ipgqeoxk]


        Looks like Padstow to me


          Agree, Padstow!!

          Ian Culley
          Another Fantasy


            Before moving our B34 to Brittany we used to use Padstow on all our trips South from Liverpool and a more friendly harbour would be difficult to find. Although I have not been there for four years they still send me a tide table and Christmas card.
            Both sets of facilities are spot on and the staff are so friendly and helpful. Fender boards are available and the inner harbour which has a gate. Access is available HW+or- 2sp and +or- 11/2np. The approach channel is bouyed and close to the Starboard shoreline. If you arrive early and can clear the bar there are a few moorings but the tidal stream is strong and you need to be under power. By the time the gate opens the flow has slowed and access into the inner harbour is straight forward. Fuel is available on the outer harbour wall South of the entrance.


              Saloma I see you are from Liverpool, called in there last June via P&O Arcadia what a vibrant City enjoyed every minute.


                Liverpool is a wonderful and very historic city. We have sailed from Liverpool marina since 1990 and our racing and cruising have taken us all over the Irish sea and the West coast of Scotland. With The North Wales coast and the Isle of Man all within easy reach Liverpool makes a good sailing base for anyone wanting piece and quiet away from the crowded South coast. The Sunday racing from Liverpool Yacht club is very well organised with boats ranging from Prima 38’s to triple keel Achilles devided into 3 classes.
                Transport links are very good and with the lower cost of the marina this could be a very economical solution for boat owners from London and further North.
                Making a landfall in the evening as all the lights come on and passing the Three Graces in the dark to make the marina is breathtaking and must be one of the best landfalls in the World.
                My Bavaria 34 is now in Brittany but i am missing sailing in my home waters so much that we have just acquired a half share in a Westerly Merlin which we are keeping on the River mersey at Blundellsands Sailing Club.
                Hope my post will encourage you to come back in something a little smaller than Arcadia.


                  Thanks all for the steer – Padstow it is then!


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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