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      There are, of course, a couple of conditions!

      #1 You must be an annual bertholder in a Premier marina (ideally Gosport).

      #2 You must be prepared to “refer” me as a friend to berth in Gosport i.e. fill in the on-line form here http://www.premiermarinas.com/pages/refer_a_friend in the next couple of days. (I’ve already reserved a berth but they are happy for me to pursue this additional discount).

      Finally, if this goes through (and entirely at your own discretion), you can buy me a beer sometime(s)!

      If you meet the conditions above, can you contact me ASAP by PM, please (i.e. don’t reply here), and I’ll give me my details. I want to tie this up before 4 Jan (for obvious reasons). Thanks.

      First to reply wins the prize.



        Hi Roger

        I am a berth holder at Swanwick. Will that do?


        John, Loblolly.


          Hi John

          Thanks for responding.

          I think any Premier bertholder will do. However, I regret to advise you are No 2!

          If No 1 fails for any reason I’ll be back in touch.

          Thanks again



            To the first responder (in Chichester) – thanks.

            Unfortunately my reply to your PM is stuck in the Outbox! I’ll email Martin (Webmaster) separately to sort that out in slower time.

            Can you PM me your direct email address, please, and we’ll communicate that way thereafter.




              Hi Roger,
              I am a Gosport berth holder, so welcome to the marina even if it is too late to claim the £250! We are currently on berth G28.
              Best regards,
              Michael (Vela, Bav33)


                Thanks Michael.

                We don’t ‘take up residence’ until 1 April but will note the berth number for future reference!

                I’m afraid the deal has been done and Gosport informed.

                This is one time when 5 minutes scanning the Forum has been well worth it for one member!

                Have a good Christmas



                  Don’t forget the new scheme that Clipper Marine has just introduced working with the BOA, as announced in the Commodore’s most recent Round Robin. For any new customer that Clipper Marine refer to Premier Marinas, who then takes an annual berth at one of Premier’s marinas, Clipper will receive a commission of 20% of the berthing cost which we will split 50:50 with the BOA member. This should work out significantly more than the £250 ‘Introduce a Friend’ incentive that Roger refers to in his earlier post.

                  Let me know if this is of interest to anyone.


                  Clipper Marine
                  02380 605060
                  07860 702376


                    Ouch – missed that one and the deal is done!


                      Just reading your post and the last Round Robin could you please clarify if the saving that you may achieve with Premier Marinas only applies to members who are new boat purchasers from Clipper or does it apply to existing members who already own a Bavaria but are looking to move to a Premier berth?
                      And if the latter could you try and organise a discount for BOA members who already berth at Premier because trying to get any discount out of them is similar to being stuck on a fixed rate mortgage. Very painful at the moment.


                        The discount applies to any new introduction that we make to Premier, so unfortunately would exclude existing Premier berth holders. It is not limited to members buying through Clipper – any member moving to a Premier marina on an annual contract can benefit from the scheme. If we’re able to negotiate any incentive for existing Premier berth holders I’ll let you know, but I’m afraid I don’t hold out much hope.




                          Thanks for clarifying that. It’s probably the only time I wish I was at MDL and wanted to move!

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