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      Unfortunately our Bavaria 36 (2002) did not have a windex, so we are installing a Raymarine Windex on top of our mast and need to run the cable down through the mast and out at the bottom. Have any of you had to do the same job and have you any tips about how this can be accomplished?
      My other questions are:-
      Is there a special section inside the mast ( Seldon, in mast furling.) that takes all the wires or do they just run alongside the halliards?
      How do the wires exit at the bottom of the mast?
      Our present wires, for the VHF and mast lights exit on the port side. Do cable(s) exit on the starboard side as well on Bav36s already equipped with a Windex?
      If anyone with a Bav36 could post a photo of the arrangement of the bottom of their mast it would be very useful.



        We fitted ours on similar B34 in 2002. Long time ago. Think we did it when the boat was delivered and before we put the mast up, but i have put many cables into masts already stepped.
        I use a thin line and make my own weight by folding solder from a coil to about 50mm length with a covering of electrical tape. This has the advantage of being heavy but you make the size just right for getting out of the exit slot in the mast. It can be fished out with a wire hook. Drill the entry hole at the top of the mast big enough for the cable and a rubber grommet. Make sure all the halyards are tight in the mast. Send down the line and get a second person to fish out at the exit slot. tie a stop knot in the line, lay about 70mm on the cable and bind the two together with plastic tape. Check for strength with a good pull befor sending it down the mast.
        If you blow up the attached photograph you will see the layout of cable entry on our boat. From memory we have mast lighting, wind instruments and radar on the starboard side and VHF on the porthand side.
        Feeding the cable from the interior access panel below the mast to the Starboard side, between the deck and interior moulding was difficult. We made a thin plastic 10mmx3mmx1200mm flexible push pole which we were able to get through and which lives on the boat and is now a favoured tool for feeding wires into difficult locations.


          Dear Saloma,

          Thanks for your help. I think it will be a bit of a struggle but we’ll get there in the end.




            I would think you have the same conduit in the mast as my 36 but I do not have in mast furling. My mast was down so I used an old length of rigging wire and WD40 worked a treat.

            Keith & Carole Wave Dancer.

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