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      Hi there,
      Our 1999 38 Exclusive has a 3JH3 engine married to a S31 saildrive. Just doing my first winterization and on carefully checking around the saildrive leg I have discovered that neither of the required clamps exist on the upper diaphragm (diaphragm B) as per the manual, the rubber is loose and I can lift it and look inside. It appears that our double diaphragm boat is running on a single system!!!
      Has anyone ever been in there to replace these two diaphragms?
      I can see all the parts that I need to remove and replace but my real question is..if I remove the rubber boot, then lower leg assembly, loosen the diaphragm clamping ring, can the diaphragms be replaced without needing to touch the upper gear housing. It looks tight and fiddly but if I don’t have to reposition the upper gear case then it looks do-able.

      Thanks in anticipation.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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