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      I have recently purchased a B32 and I want to connect a battery charger up to my AC system. My B32 has the 426 AC panel, which means there is  no distribution box just a RCB with limited connections to the clarifier for the hot water, a couple of uk sockets (one in the galley and one in the front cabin) and the European style plug on the panel itself.

      B32 - AC-distribution

      Just wanted to see if anyone had attempted to fit a battery charger to their Bavaria and could give me some advice?




        I have a 2003 B32 and it has a Sterling battery charger which looks like it was professionally installed at fit-out. The model is Sterling 1230, but it will have been superseded by now.

        You’re more than welcome to crawl all over the installation …. but the boat is in Fleetwood.


          I fitted a Sterling  battery charger to my B32 several years ago and it was very straight forward. The unit is mounted in the locker adjacent to the batteries and is connected to the 240v supply via one the connections on the rear of the sockets, which were changed to UK 3 pin from euro 2 pin using straight swap units from Furneaux Riddall. The 240v supply is fitted with an in line fuse protection provides  a 30amp 12v supply when plugged into the mains in port. Saving the batteries from draining. The system was straight forward to fit and had worked perfectly for the past 6 years. I also fitted a galvanic isolator to the shore power socket on board to protect the anodes from excessive depletion.


            Hi Jonathan,

            Thank you for offering to let me have a look at how the battery charger has been installed on your boat.

            Unfortunately Fleetwood maybe a little far for me as I’m based on the South Coast 🙂




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