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    Hi. I am a new member and thank you for allowing me to join. We have a Bavaria 34 Cruiser, 2017 which we keep in Perpignan, France where we live. Its our first boat and we bought it in November. Maybe this is a silly question but I have not found where the starter battery is located. Fou nd the three service batteries and the one for the bow thruster. Any help, much appreciated.  My wife says I can never find anything and she maybe right!

    We also had a problem with the Jefa autopilot actuator, the drive gears were completey worn away. Sent it to Jefa for repair and waiting for some flat sea to configure it. No idea why the plastic gears were worn, the engine had only done 96 hours and it was not picked up by the French surveyor.

    All the best



      Hi David,

      I have a B34 2017 two cabin version. My starter battery is under the floor in my port side cockpit locker. Not sure if you have a 3 cabin.



      Hi Justin

      Thanks for your help. Our boats must be identical twins! Same layout and age. Found the battery thanks.

      In the service battery department there are two unconnected cables, one red, one black. Have tried to trace them but no luck so far. I wonder whether they allow the starter battery to be be connected to the service batteries or allow the starter to be connected to the service batteries in the event of the starter battery failing? Do you have the same cables? There are about 5-6mm dis so are power cables -I think.

      Happy sailing


    Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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