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      thinking of selling my 34 and move to a 37 is there any hints or tips 37 owners can give me

      no boat so no name yet


        Sold my 34 and moved to the 37. As a previous Bav owner I quess you know all the obvious faults. I have the shallow keel and am more than pleased with the windward performance. I find the 37 much easier to handle than the 34 – It has a much firmer feel but I guess it’s almost half as heavy again. I would spec. the bigger engine if you feel you need more punch. I had the 30hp in previous boat and the 27hp I think is just borderline on the B37 – struggles to get to 7 knots and is close to full revs at 3000 (max. 3200). My bow thruster might take a bit of speed off!!
        Overall I am very happy with my choice despite some minor problems like heads door wont close?? Bilge pump grossly underated!!
        I bought in France with a good discount and good rate on the Euro.
        Attempted to do a deal with Kip marina for new B37 and have my 34 put on brookerage but they didn’t even respond to my e-mails but thankfully
        got a good deal in France with free summer berth and glorious weather for a change so worked out very well. Good luck with your choice.


          We have had our new B37 for 6 months now. Generally very pleased with it. It is the 2 cabin version which works very well for a couple – loads of room. We had the standard black plastic chart table setup, which actually looks OK, but their new “fake” wood version is awful – looks like 1960s formica – avoid if you can! Sails fairly well but hard to keep in the groove to windward, need to reef fairly early. Stable broad reaching in 25knots, when we have seen 9.5 knots on the log. Standard main is not very well cut, I am having a full top batten added to get a decent shape without creases. Quite a few minor niggles on delivery, but sorted eventually. We have just lifted her out for a couple of weeks to antifoul and found that the saildrive gasket had come away and that there is some keel corrosion showing through to a keel bolt – following this up now with Opal.

          Overall a good boat, but be very particular about checking quality on delivery and whilst under warranty.

          Good luck,
          Dave Targett




            STILL NO NAME


              Jayne-E, in your reply you refer to all of the obvious Bavaria faults. Please could you enlighten us. Up to now we have owned Beneteaus and Jeanneaus and we have just ordered a new Bavaria 37 and any help to establish a check list of known Bavaria issues would be very welcome.


                Regarding the obvious faults I quoted. I think most are covered on this owners forum. If you read through all of the site topics you should get a feel for the niggle points. I don’t think Bavarias are any different from any other “production yacht” – it’s just that they outsell all the other manufacturers and are as a consequence more widely debated and or rediculed!! Still good value for money??
                Feel free to PM me if you want to a more detailed listing of my own experiences.
                Regards and keep updating us on the forum.



                  Following on from my earlier email, we are now in dispute with Opal/Bavaria re our keel bolt problem. We have two aft keel bolts where about 10mm of the stud has been revealed poking through the side of the keel. Opal claim this is quite normal and is covered with epoxy filler in the factory. Hence the only problem we have is that the filler has failed!! I find this quite amazing and totally unacceptable in terms of the long term prognosis for the keel. Whether this is a design problem or a manufactring fault is still to be proven, but I am now getting an independent survey. So if you have a new B37 (ours is only 6 months old!) and it is out of the water look for any corrosion points on the keel about 50-60mm below the hull. This is where the studs end and where we have the problem. Given a stainless stud and a mild steel keel electrolysis is fairly rapid and it only takes a minute hole to start.

                  Feel free to PM me if youi would like any further discussion.

                  Dave Targett


                    We are off tomorrow to see our new 37 so will have a close look at the keel area. It is being delivered to dealer in N. France (SNIP) and will be staying with them to have electronics etc. fillted, not actually planning to put in on the water until early 2007. Despite reading about everyone’s problems we are still very very excited!

                    Richard and Jane


                      Jayne E which french broker did you use, if SNIP how did you find them, they are our nearest dealer as we live in N France and offered a reasonable deal on brokerage/trade in of our previous bpat.

                      Richard and Jane


                        have now puchased a 37 not in the water until feb 07 have checked the keal cant see no problem has anybody had a problem with the full gauge
                        have heard it doesnt work problem with new panel can anybody throw some light on this problem

                        still no name



                          i am now proud but broke owner of bavaria 37 will keep you all informed of niggles and warrantry issue as they arise and how peters deal with them hope to have a smooth ride new name achilles 😀


                            We will be joining you on March 1st with ‘Choupette’ and hopefully can share stories of how good they are rather than the niggles. We will be able to compare service provided by SNIP (in France) and Peters Opal (uk). Enjoy yourselves.


                              An update re our keel issue. Opal have repaired the keel by grinding it back and sheathing with epoxy, Gelshield, primer and antifoul. The boat is now back in the water.

                              However, I have only accepted this as a temporary repair and I am still pursuing a full resolution to the problem. I had the keel surveyed and my surveyor agreed that we need reassurance about both the structural integrirty of the keel at present and the long term prognosis. This is now being addressed by Bavaria and I hope to have some answers in the next month or so.

                              I understand that the initial problem with the epoxy filler failing has happened to a number of B37s, so my problem is not unique.

                              Watch this space!

                              Dave Targett


                                like a little boy with new toy took possesion of new bav 37 its very large didnt look so big at boat show, test sail was done in sunney but very cold conditions felt like -5 hand over went very well only minor problems which peters are dealing with
                                scratches on wood vhf arieal not taken to chart table ,no blind on hatch in heads, nut missing bow roller, possible dead service battery.
                                so far so good ,just found out thermostat on fridge was for the mediteranean not uk didnt know that how do you tell ???
                                john and angela
                                its now +2 weeks problem solving goes on fix one find one and now the big one found diesel in main bildge the problem we filled main tank on hand over then went for test sail after sail went through lockers in the main locker aft hatch into the stern found the diesel tank breather pipe not connected and down below the tank it has taken 2 weeks for the diesel to work its way into the bildge so all new 37 check breather pipe just because they ticked the box doesnt mean they did.


                                  Interesting to read that the fridge thermostat is set for Med not UK?? We have just had Opal replace our thermostat since the fridge was initially coming on, then going off after a few minutes then refusing to come on again. Better now with the new thermostat, but I am not convinced it is right. They push the sensing tube for the thermstat down through the fins of the evaporator – seems a bit odd, I would have thought it should be sensing the air temperature in the main body of the fridge?? Has anyone else any similar experiences.

                                  Dave and Suzanne

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