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    Can you drill it out and put the next size up bolt through it?

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    Hi John

    I fitted a Sterling AtoB booster to my boat. It’s easy to fit (basically replaces the diode splitter, so just 3 wires). It doesn’t require any modifications to the alternator, and you can fit it yourslef in an hour.

    I’ve been really happy with the charging performance from it.


    in reply to: Rigging #10192

    Jerry the Rigger in Gosport (if you can get hold of him).

    Alternatively Allspars in Swanwick Marina (good but not cheap).

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    Mine is all in German too. What is it you want to know?

    in reply to: Battery management #10188


    Fit a 120w semi-flexible solar panel with a Victron MPPT comtroller. That will generate enough on a summers day to cover the fridge’s needs and some.

    About £120 for the panel, and £80 for the controller.


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    I would repost this in the General section. More people look there.


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    Are they plastic? What colour?

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    It is a fair comment. One of the problems before was that the forum was hidden behind the old website and was difficult to get to, resuting in not that many members using it.

    Now it’s accessible directly frm the main navigation it is much easier to access, and also Google can see and index it, which should result in it attracting more traffic and participation.

    I think we need to give it time, but the traffic is already showing an increase since the new website went live.

    CaSam is rght though, the BOA is an asociation of members for the benefit of members. We all need to take part and share, otherwise the facility along wth the assocation will cease to be.

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    If you find somene can you let me know, as I have a Waeco that needs re-gassing and probably some other work doing.

    Have you asked Penguin Engineering if they have anyone local?

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    Just also found this while locating a part for someone else.

    in reply to: Vovo D1-30 loss of coolant #10173

    If it’s not leaking out into the bilge, it must be going into the engine, so I suspect you’re right about the head gasket or heat exchanger.

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    in reply to: Manuals or other info #10178

    I have a full set of documentation on my boat.

    I will endeavour to get it next time I’m there and copy it for you.

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    @Impavidus wrote:

    We may have a bit of teething trouble in the forum posting

    Took less than a day for someone to spam it. Have these people not got anything better to do?

    in reply to: WOW #10182

    Still bits to do and tidy, but a step forwards.

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